Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Means to an Ends

Cant quite get my head out of the clouds since New Years. The laundry piles up and the short-dated chicken in my fridge is stinking to high hell. The short walk to the coffee franchise yields a low cloudline view of the North Shore mountains still rimmed with snow. The whole city is painted in a hue of blue-greys. Something about all this always makes me want to wander back into bed or back in front of the computer which are both about equally productive these days. Unless bodily excretion counts as production - certainly not unless you're one of those creepy "collectors" in CSI hollywood killer plots. I'm pretty far from there yet thank god. "Low energy", is what someone in Vancouver would say. Maybe in Tokyo they say, "Lazy". In NYC I imagine they say, "irresponsible", but what do I know about what they say? Strings of January birthdays coming up including mine and plenty else to get excited about, but I still can't seem to boost myself in the mornings. On a more upbeat note, I'm going to Hawaii for a few days in January, so there's no reason to feel sorry for me or anything. Post when I get back.