Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Well, well.  Old man Winter seems to be here for keeps now.  It's nice and sunny, but it's also cold!  We have had plumbers and now Drywallers and tapers in our apartment for the last few weeks.  They come in early in the morning and we have to get up so they can repair and replace stuff.  So, anyway, not a lot else is happening.  Winter is cold and damp here, so other than the usual working, playing, drinking hot fluids and fighting off colds by trying not to breathe too hard on the bus, you spend a lot of time trying not to eat too much rice.  Hot steamed rice is awesome when the weather gets cold and it really makes you feel comfortable and warm, but it's easy to eat too much and thats when you start to feel bloaty and heavy with starch.  Anyway, we eat a lot of rice and it's nice.  I've been trying to bike as long as possible in this weather, but I draw the line at freezing rain.  There is a point when bicycling starts to feel more like a stubborn chore than a nice fun way to get around.  Anyway, I hope everyone out there in blog-reader-land is doing well and I'll post more.  I promise.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


IMG_5591, originally uploaded by burro come churro.

Here is another great pic of our cat. Cat images probably make up about 1/3 of internet traffic after Facebook and porn, but, well why not post another? I can think of far worse things to spend time looking at - like Facebook and Porn for example. He has extra toes and long legs so I'm guessing this is why he likes to sit with his legs stretched out in front like this, or maybe more likely, it's because he's too hot. The air has been a little cold in town lately, so I'm guessing either we're still going to get some really hot summer weather in the next few weeks, or the Canadian winter is already descending down from the north!!! Say it isn't so!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Freak out / live life!

It was Italian days on Commercial Dr. This weekend the street was rendered carless yet again, and people took to the streets, doing whatever. Wandering and eating sausages mostly, but there's always a few people who take the opportunity to show off their moves. There even were live bands and a fashion show! I had some disappointing pasta considering it was Italian Days and all... The sausages looked good though. It was the most "summery" I've felt in the city though since last summer. Nothing like street food and street freaks to get this party started!
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Saturday, April 16, 2011


I used to play a lot of board games when I was younger and I still like to from time to time.  My girlfriend's mother is really into board games and usually when we go over for a visit we do some gaming of some kind.  Karkazon is a good game that's been around for the last few years, but I only picked it up recently.  It's pretty fun. Basically, there is no board here.  Gamplay consists of building the board and strategically placing markers in order to win points and resources.  It's fun because no two boards are alike and there is a lot of strategy involved.IMG_0906.JPG
As time goes by, the game changes.  We practically play it every time we go over there.IMG_0907.JPG Games are loads of fun. I'm not sure if it's happening yet, but I think that playing board games is an activity long overdue for a resurgence. It's a good way for people to hang out and be social without having to drink tons, go out or watch movies or knit or whatever.  Fun for the whole family as they say.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

East Van Mexican Brunch

Finally there is a place that does Brunch in Vancouver in a Authentic Mexican style. Some people with deep pockets have thrown a heap of interior decorating money into the Old Waldorf Hotel for another kick at the can. The whole place is done-up in this 50s tiki-miami kitch. It's a pretty stylish way to enjoy a heaping plate of chilaquiles or a frosty michelada to make your hangover more bearable. More importantly, the dishes are pretty good and authentic tasting so we don't have to drive 3 hours down to seattle to get Mexican breakfasts anymore.
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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Las Islas Bonitas!

Well, i'm currently enjoying the coldest days of Vancouver winter in the mildest and sunniest of spots: Hawaii! Who-hoo!  The ride is was full of turbulance and a bit scary on the landing, but I got here in one piece at least.  Tomorrow will include some early morning snorkeling and then maybe a little Karaoke in the eve.  Either way, it's just enough to do a little snowbirding once in a while. In truth I am visiting my family here on Maui which is pretty special not only cause I get to be on Maui, but also because I get to be here with my family.  My family go pretty far back on Maui.  They have been here for five generations generations which in Hawaii is a fair amount of time. Every time I get off the plane here I'm just stunned by the overwhelming beauty of the place.  There really just isn't anything totally like it.  I took this photo on my mobile camera so it's not the greatest quality but it's the crater of Haleakela seen from Wailuku.  The ocean is clear and blue out the window and the palm trees sway gently.  This is the life - as they say.