Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas on the Islands

Well. It's been a fairly nice holiday season! For me yet again, I've been fortunate to have been invited by my gal's family to spend Christmas weekend with them on the ever-festive and smiley Saltspring Island. If you ever come to the coast of BC, seeing the gulf islands can be one of the highlights even for someone who's lived here forever like me. This is a region where breaching orcas, perching bald eagles, secluded bays and handmade crystal necklaces can all be found within a few hundred meters of each-other. You might even spot an eagle with a handmade crystal necklace on! Truthfully, the islands are a special place and there are many islands grouped closely together each with it's own wizards and vibe. Sadly though, all are filling up fast with people and cars and changing fast so pack up your guitar and head over for it may not be long before the strip malls and tech outlets descend to take over from the small hippytown charm.
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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Been Just here

Logans' run
I haven't been up to the things that I'd like to lately.  Days come and days go and time seems to move by pretty quickly relative to everything else.  I've been obsessing about the future lately.  Not my petty future, but the big picture future of the planet and everything else for that matter.  The big questions still abound like, "Are there ever going to be hovercars and jetpacks?" and "Is it all leading somewhere and is that somewhere new and gleamy or is it like evolution in reverse and will we just climb back into the sea and become algae again?"  A friendly blogger friend of mine recommended a website to me awhile back and, like a lot of web stuff, I just copied it somewhere and filed it away for a time when I'd have more time to check it out.  Usually it takes me a fair amount of time to get around to finding that info again but I finally did and it's kind of a cool thing, but more topically - a true futuristic invention.  It's called StereoMood and when you go there you basically stream all this music that has been organized accordioning to mood.  What this means is that you can just dial-in your emotional state instead of the other way around.  It's kinda handy if you like your current emotional state and don't want to listen to music that may change it.  Now all they need is some computer device to tap into our brainwaves and find out how you really feel not how you think you feel.  That and then adjust some colored lights and stuff that goes with the music and then you'll be into some actual Logan's Run type of futuristic stuff.  Oh wait, Logan's world totally sucked and he was trying to escape.  Maybe it's more like Star Trek.  I'm thinking of a living room that when you walk into it immediately starts to play music and pulse lights that reflect your mood!  Anyway the website has been handy a total of 2 times over the last six months which for a website is pretty good in my books.  I'll probably come back to this one regularly.  Just don't tell me to go to carousel.  I know how that one ends and I'm way past 30.