Thursday, January 06, 2011

Las Islas Bonitas!

Well, i'm currently enjoying the coldest days of Vancouver winter in the mildest and sunniest of spots: Hawaii! Who-hoo!  The ride is was full of turbulance and a bit scary on the landing, but I got here in one piece at least.  Tomorrow will include some early morning snorkeling and then maybe a little Karaoke in the eve.  Either way, it's just enough to do a little snowbirding once in a while. In truth I am visiting my family here on Maui which is pretty special not only cause I get to be on Maui, but also because I get to be here with my family.  My family go pretty far back on Maui.  They have been here for five generations generations which in Hawaii is a fair amount of time. Every time I get off the plane here I'm just stunned by the overwhelming beauty of the place.  There really just isn't anything totally like it.  I took this photo on my mobile camera so it's not the greatest quality but it's the crater of Haleakela seen from Wailuku.  The ocean is clear and blue out the window and the palm trees sway gently.  This is the life - as they say.