Monday, August 29, 2005

Chiles calientes, Friends calientes tambien!

This is a Mexican specialty dish called, "chiles en nogada" and it's unique, beautiful, and super delish. It's basically a stuffed green chile covered in a special sauce made with seasonal nuts and other goodies, and topped with pomegranate seeds. Mmm - mm. I had this dish along with other adventures in a small town outside of DF called Tepostlan. It's a beautiful, small town nestled in a valley surrounded by some amazing rock formations. I believe I have mentioned this place in an earlier post, but it's a great place to go for a weekend adventure. Had the use of someone's house for a day so we had a fun get-together there for a night. The main attraction of this place was the high roof terrace where you could get a 360 degree of all the beautiful, surrounding mountains while sipping a cuba libra or a glass of beer. It did pour rain on us for most of the night though, but you work with what you have.

This shot shows the main cathedral with the mountains in the background and here are a few more i took from the terrace.

On another note, I'll be returning to Vancouver in a week or so to sort out some of my stuff there and visit with some friends. I expect it to be weird for me as I haven't been back for awhile and now I no longer have a place there. Picking up and dealing with some of my junk will kind of signal a detachment from the place for me, but maybe I'm over-dramatizing. Cardboard boxes full of junk strewn about the planet are one of the many signs of having lived for 34 years - soon to be 35! I look forward to dealing with it though as it is also an opportunity to catch up with my family and friends. Mexico City is much the same as the last post at the current time, but it seems to have warmed up a bit and I'm told this is because while the hurricanes are spiraling out there in the gulf Mexico City is always colder and rainier than usual so at last I understand.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Now settled in new server to serve you.

OK. I'm back in the blogging biz once more. My friend Adad who hosts my blog was helping me move my files and configure my account so's I could post from another server. Now it's all ironed out and I can post easier. To those who forsook me, please accept my apologies and welcome to the new and improved blog. I hope you continue to check regularly for updates. Uh, that said. There isn't much to tell but here are some more pics.

Dentistry, as in other places, is big here in Mexico. Mexicans are apparently the highest per capita consumers of Coke and like to eat sweets too. This pictogram is a perfect way to say, "not only am I a dentist, but you are going to enjoy the experience!"

This is an interesting building in the Chopo area of town. It's the Chopo Museo and it's basically a huge art gallery which shows contemporary works and is part of the UNAM University. I've only had a peek inside but it's a neat building having been fashioned from an old steel factory from the 20's or something. I've been trying to get my visual arts friends to jockey shows here as they could come visit.

I ride the metro to teach a class early in the morning and here's a picture took as the sun was coming up over one of Df's less glamorous neighborhoods. I know it's small but maybe you can make out the mountains in the distance.