Monday, August 08, 2005

Now settled in new server to serve you.

OK. I'm back in the blogging biz once more. My friend Adad who hosts my blog was helping me move my files and configure my account so's I could post from another server. Now it's all ironed out and I can post easier. To those who forsook me, please accept my apologies and welcome to the new and improved blog. I hope you continue to check regularly for updates. Uh, that said. There isn't much to tell but here are some more pics.

Dentistry, as in other places, is big here in Mexico. Mexicans are apparently the highest per capita consumers of Coke and like to eat sweets too. This pictogram is a perfect way to say, "not only am I a dentist, but you are going to enjoy the experience!"

This is an interesting building in the Chopo area of town. It's the Chopo Museo and it's basically a huge art gallery which shows contemporary works and is part of the UNAM University. I've only had a peek inside but it's a neat building having been fashioned from an old steel factory from the 20's or something. I've been trying to get my visual arts friends to jockey shows here as they could come visit.

I ride the metro to teach a class early in the morning and here's a picture took as the sun was coming up over one of Df's less glamorous neighborhoods. I know it's small but maybe you can make out the mountains in the distance.

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Anonymous said...


Glad to have you up and running again...I gather you are living in the vicinity of the bull ring you pictured...I have visited that neighborhood and was actually quite taken with it...there were no bull fights that day but we went in and looked around.

Judgining from your affinity for rooftops I will highly recommend one of my favorite is the Hotel Majestic on Avenue faces out over the Zocalo and has a great rooftop cafe. Cafe con leche in the morning with fresh fruit and it also has a rooftop bar in the evening. This is a very modest hotel of approximately 60 year old.

I would send you an Email but do not have your address so if you were to send that to me at your next opportunity we could have interchanges on Mexico DF one of my favorite cities in the world. My address is