Monday, July 18, 2005

Emily has been slamming all night long!

Hurricane Emily is "rocking" or "slamming" the Yucutan coast. I guess it's usually earthquakes that "rock" and hurricanes that "slam". I think only a few people have been killed, but the news knows more. But on the brighter side, things are relatively nice and uneventful here right now. The sun is out and it seems a little less rainy than it has been of late. I went out on the weekend to a friend's birthday party and my friend Steve made an impromptu appearance in town last week. We got a chance to hang out for one night though so it was nice to get an update of events in VanLand and see someone from the Old Country.

I saw a dog get crunched in traffic the other day. That wasn't so nice, but it seems to happen a lot here. As most know, Mexico is famous for it's populations of wild street dogs, so it's pretty common to see them wandering around or decidedly not wandering around in a gutter somewhere. Kinda sad though, but Mexico has bigger fish to fry than worry too much about animal rights. Nevertheless it hasn't stopped many from mentioning to me the sort of recent Canadian reputation here as seal-clubbing blackhearts. I guess the seal kill in northern Quebec or wherever had gotten quite a bit of publicity here. I blame a propensity for newspeople to dig up the dirt on places that are supposedly "perfect". "you think Norway's paradise? Well you should know they want to fry up Free Willy's loins and eat them with onions!" Nonetheless I didn't show anyone my monogrammed, government approved seal club for fear it would provoke an argument. Sometimes I scan around in the Canadian press to see what's up and cool etc... I noticed that spoken word will be at the folk festival this year. It seems like the folk fest has been getting more and more incongruent as time moves on. Now they have Punk Rock, World Beat, and spoken word? I thought Folk Music was about smiling guys with beards and mandolins and stuff. How will Jericho beach accommodate all those genres? The thought of someone spouting pissed-off diatribes about society framed by the Jericho beach sailboat sunshine, the gleaming green towers of the west end, and the majestic Cascade mountains makes me laugh a little actually. But maybe that's the point. Maybe that will be the theme. It reminds me of the time I spotted this uber-goth character clad in black vinyl and lace with a walkman on, clawing the air with one hand and screaming about gorgons and witches and stuff meanwhile, it's a beautiful east end spring day with the cherry blossoms in full bloom all along the street, kids playing, sprinklers etc... It's not always easy being a Dark Waver. Anyway, blah blah blah. I should go. I hope you've enjoyed the diatribe.


Anonymous said...

hey clay,

I will try this again...just talking to your mom last nite and she gave me your address...not sure how this works but you are living in one of my favorite cities in the world.

Before I write too much I am going to make sure that this message gets to you.

I spent a lot of time in Mexico DF in the nineties and early 2000's and I really dig the city.

Carabeth said...

Dad told me and Molli about your site, so here we are! I haven't yet gone through your archives to see how and when you got to Mexico, but wow! good to be in contact

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