Monday, July 11, 2005

Sunday Market & Scanners in the casa

There is a large market in the neighborhood on Sundays where you can get just about anything- even a haircut. I'm not sure what the quality of the cuts is like, but this guy seemed to have all the fixins' of any salon. We went for tortas and quesadillas, but I did not get a haircut.

A friend brought over a video projector and we watched the film, "scanners" with some friends. Not a bad film actually and it's Canadian too. Only one head explodes though. I thought there were going to be more exploding heads but the interesting part is that the guy whose head explodes I believe is the same actor who saw things in "Seeing Things" another Canadian show I sometimes watched as a child. The ending was pretty good, although dated. The best part is how much seeing a movie on a projector and with friends is like going to the real movies. I wish I had one all the time.