Friday, October 29, 2004

Last Minute Jitters

See you later green north. As it stands I only have a little bit of time left before my big departure. I'm starting to get excited. Those pangs of worry mixed with pangs of excitement mixed with pangs of not knowing what will become of me. This will be the longest time that I have ever been away from my friends and city so I'm ready for the pangs of missing all my friends mixed with possibly the pangs of dysentery to boot. When I leave somewhere you always feel like I've got all this stuff I have to do before I come back home. I also hope that I don't turn into one of those "travel" people. Not that traveling around's not fun and a great way to spend your life, I just never thought of myself as someone who travels from place to place all the time getting new friends and leaving others, dispensing with them like cheap underwear bought in desperation. I'm more of a rooted person. At least I like to think I am. I welcome anyone's unsolicited advice about travel and you can post in the comments section of the blog as I will be reading these comments from time to time. Actually, it turns out that my "comments" are not working for some reason. I'm not sure why and I'll try to fix the problem, but I'm not promising anything. My faculties with the world of web are limited. I'm not too excited about traveling on US election day, but I guess those are the risks you take. You can always e-mail me if you want to tell me what you think of my blog or anything else for that matter. Bye for now.