Monday, October 31, 2005

Posting when life seems unpostable

Well, there have been some developments here and there. I can't say life is entirely un-postable, but it is getting hard for me to come up with new material. Lately, I've been thinking of actually, "producing" something like a post that was actually planned and then posted to, but in some way that's a bit un-bloglike or something. I dunno- I do know that there are a few out there who do check in semi-regularly so I will attempt to cram something in this post that you can while away the next few minutes looking at even though my upstairs neighbor is blasting techno- and I'm not talking Glastonbury the-latest and greatest techno but an endless mix of "I'm too sexy for my shirt.." fare, but maybe that's better...

Uh, a couple of weeks ago Ale and I volunteered for the annual food drive for the Mexico Cities food bank, known as "Alimento Para Todos". We were volunteers along with thousands of others nationally who participated in the day long drive.

I didn't know this before but conscription is mandatory in Mexico and all eligible, young males must do a year long military service where you receive the mandatory amount of getting yelled at, push - ups, and target practice in order to become a real man. Fortunately for the Food Bank these guys are also available to do some useful community service in the form of door knocking and collecting non-perishables from the locals cupboards for the food bank.

It was a pretty amazing haul. The food bank was completely full of sacks of rice, beans, tinned food, and other stuff. I believe it was a pretty successful campaign.

In other news I got lost driving in the city the other night. It was a bit stressful. I was supposed to be miles away picking up Ale at her mother's place but i took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up going in circles in one of DF's less desirable "hoods". There was crazy Saturday night traffic all over the place and all these street markets folding up for the night with garbage and people spilling out all over onto the confusing streets. Soon friends knew that I was lost and were calling me in the car and telling me to do this or do that which made it more crazy. Luckily, I managed to find a street I recognized and got back to my part of town, but I was really lost for a little while there. It's not always easy to know what part of the city you're in unless you can drive somewhere where you can get a view of things, like up on a freeway ramp or something.

Because much of the city is flat and the buildings tend to be similar heights and designs it can easily be confusing for a spaced out guy like me. I should try to get out more and navigate the city on my own though. I realized that while I've been to many places in DF, I don't really know the city well enough to just venture out unless I have a clear idea where I'm headed and how to get there. DF is not like North American cities that generally have "turnaround" routes. If you drive in the wrong street you could easily be piped miles out of your way before a route to get back to where you left off becomes available and the whole time the traffic rivers will be moving just a little faster than is comfortable and people will be weaving and honking and cops will be blearing out of their loudspeakers to "move on" etc...


twojennys said...

Thanks for keepin us in the loop. I am also glad to hear that you were able to escape the weaving roads of sketchy-dom Mexico. Frikkin scary man.

P.S. big news in Vancouver...Terminal City Newspaper folded yesterday (yes I am supposedly getting my paycheque)! Nuts. No more alt. paper in the Couver.

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