Monday, November 06, 2006

Five Buck Bus Stop Umbrella

Daily drizzle punctuated by slicing winds and hard rain. Ahh... yes, Vancouver and the familiar "ssssss" of cars on wet streets. It's 10 o-clock in the morning but the sky looks like it should be 7 in the evening. Well, my stint at the Vancouver Ghost Train has ended with little fanfare, but a slightly wetter and heavier wallet this month. I think I've probably spent the difference on draft beer and wines around the hood already. Hmmm, what else is new? Not much. I've been kinda sick lately; colds, sniffles, indigestion. It's all been adding to my malaise-o-metre. It must be part of that problem they talk about in Finland and Sweden where despite the fact that you have a great job and clean running water, it's so grey and dark during the day- you just wanna commit suicide. I'd forgotten how much it rains here in November. Well- I'm off to work. Hopefully I'll have more photos and stuff to post soon.