Saturday, December 30, 2006


Happy New Years to those few who read here. Let's hope aliens come down this year and fix everything. Maybe they can use their ET healing powers to resurrect the late, great James Brown. On the good side, I like my new apartment and am myself looking forward to good times after the 1st. If it sounds like I've got a lot to gripe about, believe me I don't. I'm going to Maui on Jan. 10th so feel free to call me up and tell me how full of it I am. Actually, don't do that. My Grandmother is turning 99 this January and while she's on the edge of becoming a centenarian, I feel I should be paying her a visit. She is after all, my single surviving grandparent. I've been bagging groceries like crazy over the Christmas holidays and I can't complain too much. At least I was out of the rain and employed. From a grocery baggers perspective, people in town seem kind of glum this Holiday Season. Low on cash, low on initiative, cynical about the future etc... Maybe I'm projecting but I've heard retail sales in the downtown shops were un-inspiring (if retail sales can be such a thing) so maybe people're hunkering down for some serious not having too much dough left over- times. Skip the ipods and motorcycles, a box of organic mandarins and all the Christmas cheer money can't buy should do. I had a great Christmas. My mother came to hang out for a week and it was made merrier by the presence of good company and friends. Chocolates were shared, mandarins were eaten, cheese plates passed, and no Christmas would've been complete without a Baked Sockeye Salmon. mmmm.... Well here's to being over the hump of short days and I wish everyone well in the New Year.


Unknown said...

Claysito te extraño mucho, i dont know any thing about you since you went. Now i dont practice my english an every day i speak pendejadas only in spanish. I miss our clases, our trips, our fiestas, realy i miss you and ale, and ana and now the other Ale that on friday will go to Omaha. I hope to see you soon, comeback to mexico, we always tinking in you.... Practice your spanish, recuerda a tus amigos mexicanos que extrañan el "Club de la copita", la "MUERTEEE".... Yo estoy bien, trabajando mucho y con algunas penas del corazón y del trabajo, pero es sólo un momento, el futuro me aguarda lindas cosas.
Te mando un abrazo con todo mi cariño ya Rubi también.
Tu amiga de siempre

miss sara said...

Happy New Year, Clay. Hope 2007 ROCKS your world.

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