Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm still here.

Sorry for not posting more frequently. Most of the people who look here have probably moved on to Facebook or something else a little more interactive to keep up with friends by now, but I'll try to persevere. I've nearly forgotten how to post to this thing. Blogs. I suspect that now since practically everyone has a blog it's almost like that planet that they went to on Star Trek where the people were all driven mad because they were all telepathic and in constant communication with everyone telepathically. So, when everyone can know everything about everyone you can be driven mad by the ceaseless chatter of a million people all talking at once about their inner thoughts. Or was that in the Hitch hiker's guide to the Galaxy? I don't remember, but it is kind of true I think. If you have to fill in the blanks of your friends life who's living in Italy for example, your imagination will always be able to fill in the gaps in a more romantic and exciting way than what's probably really happening. I guess it depends on how well they string the thing together. Most blogs are probably like this entry; no photos, no dazzle, just some rambling text about random thoughts. I've got something in the pipeline though, so keep checking back despite the urge to see if you have more "adds" on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

well, its not political ramblings- or something about how you hate everyone, so I am still happy to read your blog sans pictures or fancy graphics. I am one of the ones whos been hounding you to do an update for months. because I still like reading it, hearing your stories- it makes me laugh. for the other days between posts...I'll see you on facebook too. lovek

B.L. said...

Por fin escribes de nuevo, también he estado esperando saber de ti aunque sea un poquito. Porque a veces los espacios son tan grandes que ya ni siquiera puedes llenarlos con la imaginación.

Te mando un abrazo cuate...

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