Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dias de calor, Noches calientes, Perros calientes de la Playa

OK, we are a few days in at the beach now and our cod-fillets are looking a little more cocidos. The Ocean is amazing here. People are pretty nice at times here. Like a lot of places where small handsome fishing villages have been changed into pseudo-resort like places with a bevy of hotels and restaurants and cabana bars, the people have a fairly easy-going demeanor but it´s hard to smile all the time for the customers. Not everyone is super-psyched to be doling out smoothies for crappy pay to tourists all day we´ve noticed... in between beers and fish dinners that is. Que supresa. I´m not gonna pretend there´s too much difference between me and the rest of the folks visiting here, but that said, it has spread a few dollars around this dry, pretty little town. There´s a few amenities and water and electricity that seems to cut out a few times a day, but overall the people here seem tolerant of the tourist trade. Water is in very short supply so hopefully, no megalith hotels will open up. Right now there is a drought so people are a little apprehensive about water wasting. We will venture to Cuenca Ecuador in a few days and then, we can dutifully pack our swimming trunks away for awhile. Maybe for until we return as we head onwards and upwards to Peru climes and climbs and into Boliva by March at the very least!

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