Friday, September 17, 2004

Ahhh... finally a web presence

Whew! I'm finally online and I have my own web blog. Establishing a decent web-presence these days is as important as any other career move I'm told. I'm sure the offers will start rolling in any day now. It doesn't look like I'm going to be a bush goblin or a bridge troll in the Ghost Train this year, so you can all forget about seeing me there. I know many of you were probably planning to try and catch my act, but there you have it. It's strange writing this way. I'm not sure if I should write as if I'm lecturing to a large audience in hopes that there are many people out there checking or maybe just keep it internal and tell you my thoughts as one might to a close friend. Chances are that no one is going to bother checking up here very often so I wont bother bothering about it too much. Uh, I do feel a bit different now that I'm on the web. I guess maybe it's a little bit like having fame at last. I mean, you've got this venue to broadcast your thoughts and anything you say will be available for anyone in the world to read. It's like having your own magazine- your own incredibly boring magazine. Maybe it's actually more like a brochure. To me it's amazing though. I've never had a brochure. That's the web for you: a huge never-ending stack of brochures. Anyway, this is just a place where I can update people with the numerous goings ons of my somewhat petty little life. If you care, give it a gander now and then, if not, just go on living yours and maybe I'll check out your blog someday. Assuming you have what it takes. Maybe I'll even submit a "comment". Thats how much I love you all.