Thursday, February 08, 2007

Being Healthy is work!

OK, I've been bagging groceries like a madman lately. And maybe it's driving me mad. It's the post-Christmas eating depression season. At my work we have a lot of healthy food and healthy people who come through wanting to stay that way. I realize that people obsess over food and health more and more as they get older - myself included. It goes without saying I guess. Occasionally though, a health nut will pass through my register with a kid in tow going off on some tear about, "sugar" and "how candy will kill you" etc... I can understand the will not to have your kid bloat up and contract diabetes before 20 but, really, there's probably more sugar in Phad Thai than a coupla pieces of licorice. I mean, just cause you can't stomach the thought of eating candy, it's no crime to let a kid walk on the wild side from time to time is it? Don't worry - the child's probably going to outlive you even if they are bit unhealthy. That's my opinion at least, but according to the news reports children are all too fat now. Too much nutrition. Too many calories. Too much xbox. Not enough soccer, flax, and beet greens. Not enough piano practice, goats milk, and Colgrabi/quinoa stews! Too much Lexus, Kokanee, and Henessee. Too many text messages, cheese doodles, and you tube. Not enough Harrowsmith, engevita yeast and "pro-ganic" baby food! Well... I may have spawn of my own one day and find myself eating crow, but if I do have children one day, this blog or any of the diatribe therein will probably have been deleted or long since abandoned. Being healthy is so complicated.


SB said...

It's good to see the kids drinking Kokanee & Hennessey these days...

miss sara said...

i hear you on this one...i now suffer from acid reflux which is caused by eating.........crap. well. mostly. it is also cause by other things like all those anti-biotics and stuff...anyway--the point is, that eating real whole foods is really important! totally. and being active. which i am hoping and it feels like there might be a wave of people pushing this lifestyle --however it seems there are more people sticking with the fast food/microwavable foods etc...anyway. being healthy should be *easy* but like you say in today's world-it *is* complicated.

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