Monday, February 19, 2007

Cast Iron meets heat, falls in love with chicken stones...

My friend gave me a vast cast iron frying pan- and the story goes like this: The pan was put on the stove where it was covered in oil and heated.

While this was happening I rustled up two eggs, half an expired onion, some smoked wild coho, and this tin (also a gift) of highly regarded and coveted rare cheddar cheese imported from the Washington State University cheese labs- no shit.

The label assured me that I can trust Jessica at the Washington State University to make my cheese gifts for me. I briefly imagine Jessica. Who would go to university to make cheese? I don't know why, but I imagine a young asian woman with a shower cap on, sealing my cheese tin as if it contained a rare cancer drug.

The label is as obscure as the concept. Do they care if anyone buys the cheese? Is it a social experiment? Anyway it's delicious and strong and buttery so let em give phd's in cheesology just so I can make omlettes, because by now, let's face it, thats is where this post is going-

A little beating of the eggs and chopping-up of the rest of the stuff... In case you didn't notice, the eggs are organic, omega3, super eggs. 6 bucks a doz unless you rescue two from the garbage like I did.

Now... the whole creation just settles into that sweet stadium of a frying pan and bathes in it's even heat. Cause when were talking cast iron, were talking even and were talking heat. Note the low setting on the gas. Thats what i mean by even, thats what I mean by heat.

It had to go near the window for the tasty lighting on my desk/kitchen table. I still don't have chairs so I had to eat it standing up. It was that good. You could eat it standing up.