Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hello readers! Well. We are safely and soundly back in Vancouver and not enjoying the cold cold weather and wet and drizzly air and being somewhat partially placated by the better quality espresso and rapid-transit system. Needless to say, I already have a cold and a very sore throat and the first two days back at my jobber were a bit sluggish, but that's to be expected. Whoo-Hoo! well. I'm back in town and now I've got to do those things that you do when you come back from trips etc. Like try and figure out how I can go on another trip sooner than I last did. But anyway, I'm pretty sure people don't want to hear rambling drivel about my inner plans. I just thought I'd update you on the fact that I'm back in Canada and back in Business and you can keep tuning to this web-address from time to time to see more pics and opinions about pics and things that I think about when looking at my pics and other stuff too. So check here from time to time!