Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just sitting around...

Basically - yeah.  I'm just sitting around.  The last few weeks have been pretty blah and the weeks before that weren't anything to get too excited about either.  Looking ahead looks pretty unexciting as well, but I am planning a trip early next year to tropical climes so I don't really have the right to complain too much.  I seem to be spending quite a bit of my free time on the "web" lately which is not abnormal, but it has gotten me to thinking - "What's with all the time spent on the web?"  What for?  What's it all leading up to?  I guess on one level it's basically a new kind of TV especially because we don't have one.  I guess when surroundings like this pic are all you have, the internet starts to look pretty interesting.  But it's also keeping me from doing fun and productive things, non-internetish things, so I think I should try and limit myself.  Things are also getting kind of Christmasy around here.  Some people in one of the apartments across (it might even be one of the ones in the picture) have already got a tree up!  Didn't these peoples mothers teach them that things are all the more enjoyed when the tension of waiting builds a little bit?  Christmas is fun, but I start to feel pretty grinchy when people get all crazy and overanxious.


The Velvet Claw said...

Which "tropical climes" are you heading to? (Hear the envy dripping in my 'voice'!!)

two-way said...

Hey! I'm heading to Maui in January to visit Mom and Family! I just discovered your blogs! I'll make sure to keep myself up to date with your family there!

two-way said...

Hey! I'm heading to Maui in January to visit Mom and Family! I just discovered your blogs! I'll make sure to keep myself up to date with your family there!

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