Saturday, February 12, 2005


I had a b-day in January and I'm now proud to say that I'm 34 years old. Which means I'm almost 35! Woah. As Keanu Reevs would say and probably will when he does... or is he already? Who cares? I'm sure he'll look better than most even when he's 50. Just another year in the long process of "drying out". I can feel the moisture evaporating as I write this. Anyway, it was fun and Ale threw me a little partay here in the casa. Some people came over and we drank some and talked some and Ale bought me this great, heavy chocolate cake. Sadly I didn't manage to get a pinata for myself, but maybe next year. Oh, we also went out to a night club which escalated into a more debauched affair and ended with me crawling around next to the toilet in one of the more heinous bathrooms DF has to offer- and that's pretty heinous. But I had fun more or less.

And we went to a sushi place called Harumi where you can see the cake which my face was later pushed into; a custom, I'm told. Thanks to all who sent me b-day wishes and here's to another feliz compleanos. Enjoy the drying-


missyfitz said...

Happy BirTDay dude...

I too can appreciate the dryness. I just went out and bought oldlady moisture cream yesterday. For DRY skin but SENSTIVE skin.

I forgot you are a capricorno too...that rocks the robot.

I am 35 now, so just you appreciate the 34-ness of you!

Next up - sagging ass.

xx Jen F (was W)

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