Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bwains! Bwains!!!

Well. It's been a long time since my last post, but I'm going to tell you about the brain quesadillas I ate. Uh, I ate brain quesadillas. There you have it. At first I was going to be all "ooh ahhh! guess what?! I ate brains." and then I realized that lots of people eat brains (head cheese, and other things) and don't go around trying to freak people out and stuff. Ale didn't tell me what was in the quesadillas until I'd finished and was wiping the grease off my lips with a napkin. The long and short of it is- brains taste good. Now I know why zombies are always trying to get their hands on the things. There are fondas (a small place with cheap street-like food with limited seating and all over the place in Mexico City) that sell meat-filled tacos and quesadillas in the late morning and lunchtime. Usually, the meat is what on Commerical Drive and the deep south they call "pulled pork" or something like that and it's pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Its funny all the sly euphimisms for weird meat. "Head Cheese", "Pulled Pork"... haha

twojennys said...

Dude. I am impressed at your dietary prowess. Now, when vegi-tired-arians are being a pain in the ass you can say, "Shut up, or I will eat your brain".


"mmmm, pulled quad meat".

You rock.
We miss you.

Anonymous said...

hey i am mexican, that kind of mexican tacos are called: TACO DE CARNITAS, is not a quesadilla, the meat is Carnitas!! ....Carnita;s tacos wowww I ate that around 3 hours jejeje enjoy mexico!

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