Saturday, February 12, 2005

Just some general stuff to keep you here-

Ahh the sun. I awoke the other morn to glimpse this great sunrise outside the apt window. In DF the sun is strong because of the altitude I guess. It's a kind of bleaching, white light that you can feel piercing your organs. It's nice at this time of year though because the breezes are cool in the shade and you can stand in the sun and warm up immediately. Often the mornings are hazy and grey here, but when it's clear you get one of these.

I've been doing a little driving now that I know more about how it works here and a few landmarks. Can you see the look of stressed out concentration on my face? The rules of the road here few and the infractions many. The upside is that DF drivers, while totally crazy, are usually pretty aware of what's going on and ready for any sudden stops and swerves. Last minute decisions are necessary and the norm. I usually try to avoid getting behind the wheel as it's impossible for me to be relaxed in the car when I'm driving along, sandwiched between two minibuses, there's a woman selling peanuts in my window, salsa blearing on the stereo, someone two inches away from my bumpers in front and in back and a kid juggling fire at the stoplight ahead. It can be an adventure though. If you buy a new car here don't expect it to look pristine for long. Many cars, even new, expensive ones have a few crunches and scrapes. It's safe to assume that most people don't rush to the insurance agency to replace a door when it's scraped or dented a little. These are the casualties of the biz.

Ese esta nuestro gordo gato. He's the house mascot because that's where he spends just about every winking second of his sheltered life. Of course I want all my friends to come and visit as I've said before in emails etc, but if you're allergic to these things, give pause. PS: check out those haunches! We're fattening him up for taco season.

The mail in Mexico isn't the most reliable and many people don't have checking accounts so paying bills is often done in person. The phone bill is always important and there is no way to carry a balance. If you don't pay in time they call you a day later and tell you to pay and a day or two after that you get cut off- just like that. Consequently, there are these drive thru phone bill pay stations that allow people to keep up to date with their phone bills regardless of how their paying.