Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mexican Design

Another thing I wanted to start is a series of photos about something. I know, people always do that when they travel and it's lame sometimes, but this will be interesting hopefully. Don't worry, I'm going to try to stay away from dogs in doorways and the like. Actually, the idea is not mine. There is a famous Mexican designer who published this book of photographs showcasing the older style of mexican graphic design found in comic books, the sign-age of small Mexican businesses, and food labels. Most of the stuff is done by hand and on the cheap so it has a pretty interesting feel. Anyway, I decided to start my own collection of images and post some here for you-

Tortas estan ricos, es verdad, but not the one I ate in Cuba and became a human fire plug for 3 days.

Little delicious meat rolls with salsa and well rendered here. If pan had been playing these pipes maybe he wouldn't have been such a rake.

Pork is popular here and you will always see pigs about to be pork "rendered" as fat and smiling, even in their own immanent demise. These booths are great for studying my vocabulary while lining my belly with grease and good taste.