Wednesday, March 09, 2005

police presence

One thing that Mexico City has a lot of is cops. There seems to be no shortage. Mexico City is kinda famous now for it's crime, but it also has a huge number of "crime fighters". Soccer games seem to attract them by the bus load. We live next to two stadiums, a Bull-ring and a Soccer stadium. We passed by this game while the police crew were getting organized. There were busses parked everywhere and hundreds of cops spilling out of them like a huge cop conference was going on or something. It was pretty weird. I also noticed that security folk and cop folk do not like to have their pictures taken here. On a whole people seem kind of uptight about photos in Mexico City. I think they suspect that some kind of subterfuge. Many public places don't allow photo equipment etc... I used Ale to take this one just in case I needed an excuse.

Here's a painting on the side of a restaurant near the Plaza del Toros (Bulls). Many bulls die there weekly and we can hear the cheers from our house, "Ole!". Anyway, I kinda liked this one because it looks a lot more like the guy's casually taking a leak than performing his bull-killing tricks and he seems to be looking at the bull as if to say, "Leave me alone! Can't you see I'm trying to piss here?"