Friday, March 18, 2005

sun and visible surroundings-

Well, I don't have a tons of stuff to update you all on. I haven't been snapping off many photos lately, but more will come after this week to be sure. This week is Semana Santa in Mexico and it's basically the same thing as Easter without the bunnies and eggs and stuff but with the crosses and Jesuses and stuff. Being a strongly Catholic country, Mexico gets a whole week off for Semana Santa and many people will be going to the beach or some other chilled out place to party, relax etc... My mother is planning to come to town for the week so we'll all go somewhere and show her around DF as well. Maybe go for a brain taco or two. Lately, I've been craving to get out of the city as it's pretty hectic and eventually some of the charm of being in a new place wears off. The weather has been great the last few weeks. It's gotten warmer and sunnier, but also there is more breeze which has made the surrounding mountains visible at last. I didn't even realize how close they were as all winter long they've been obscured by haze and pollution. The entire city is ringed with mountains and hills and on a good day you can look around and see them which is nice because it tells you, yes, there is an end to the megapolis... Actual mountains, with dry forests and cacti, lizards etc. The picture above is just out front and it's a tree whose name I forget. There are many in DF though and they put some nice color in the streets with their purple blossoms. Anyway, I'll let you know my week without all the bunnies and chocolate.

I also like these photos because it shows that in many of the older neighborhoods in Mexico City the streets run in diagonals and at some point (looks like the 40's or 50's) the trend was to make the buildings on those corners rounded for the angle. These are some examples. Isn't that interesting? Actually, there's a lot of cool architecture in Mexico City and this is just one detail. I'll see If I can post some more later. Have great Easters and Semana Santas y'all. Unless you're down in Cancun with all the depraved spring breakers a la "The Real Cancun". If that's you, and you know me, then woah... I guess I didn't know you as well as I thought I did! And you're a lot younger than I thought you were too. As if you'd be reading this anyway and not doing/offering boob shooters to techno. Enjoy the VD, flight home and whatever else you can remember.


twojennys said...

Your brilliance is unprecedented.

Hey, check it out..I am writing for Terminal City.

Did a food review this week...then, going to do theatre. Its all the same.

See, blog for todays news.

Miss you dude.

Anonymous said...

Man, what kind of blogger are you? It has almost been a month since the last post. I need more insight into your riotous life.

twojennys said...

You are now a lame blogger. I would punish you..but, you are too far away..and, you might eat my brain.

Don't feel the pressure to always post pics, you can just write too, you know!

Today, I wrote about air guitar championships on my blog.

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