Wednesday, June 29, 2005

cold, cars, and parties

It's been fairly cold here over the past few weeks. Where's all the heat? I'm surprised. I thought the city would be sweltering in June, but it's mild and rainy here. I guess people weren't kidding when they told me this was the rainy season. Mexico City has a wealth of things to do, but when it's cold and rainy, often you just want to stay inside like anywhere I guess. Not a lot different and new is happening right now. Uh, there's an election here next year and people are getting pretty anxious about it. The "old guard" party known as PRI who were taking care of business for nearly 70 years without change until the PAN party and El Presidente Fox was sworn in took power 4 years ago. Now it's time to vote again in 2006 and people are worried there is going to be a reactionary swing back to the more conservative and historically controversial PRI party who would love to sit in the drivers seat again. There is also another party, the more left leaning PRD who are getting more and more popular. Anyway, the billboards and the television have started to swell with those tacky political ad's designed to appeal to everyone's knee-jerk reflex. Families eating dinner and talking earnestly about taxes, health care, jobs, schools, etc...

The other night we were on our way to a fiesta and the car we were driving in began to stink and smoke. We pulled over in a gas station and investigated. Something electrically wrong was going on in the trunk. Some kind of electrical problems. It passed though and the car seemed to work fine afterward. Like I said I can't really think of anything else to say, but I had these photos. It can be pretty dangerous to get stuck in some places in Mexico City so it's always best to check out any car problems you might have on the road before you have to pull over in an unknown area far from a gas station. Of course that didn't stop this car from stranding me and Ale in the middle of nowheresville DF when we were supposed to be receiving my friends at the Airport.

We were actually on the way to this party which turned out to be pretty good. One thing I've noticed about the circles I've been moving in is that there are often organized parties where you pay an initial entrance fee and then you get the use of a host bar. Often it's a pretty good deal. This one was exceptional in that you also got to help yourself to the booze. Needless to say the alcohol was already in danger of running out when we arrived, but it was fun and the music was good. Well, til next time-