Friday, June 17, 2005

Down by the bay, Where the watermelons grow...

Ale went to a place called Huejutla in Hidalgo to see some farmers organization there about selling produce in "fair trade" sales near Mexico City Churches. I don't have a lot of new photos to show anyone, so I figure these nice countryside shots she took of rural Mexico on her drive to Hidalgo would be just as nice.

Here you can see how the terrain changes. The drier land around Mexico City slowly gives way to a mountainous landscape.

Now it's getting greener, lusher, hotter and moister. I know lusher is wrong, but it sounds right.

Check out this photo she took of a fighting cock farm. Fighting cocks is popular in Mexico, but I've never seen it in progress.

Here's my favorite photo. Sandias o plenty. Watermelon is popular here too, more popular than fighting cocks I think, but why make everything a competition? Mexico has so many farmers that there's always fresh fruit and veggies even in the most remote places and the quality of most things is usually really good.