Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Uh, remember in my last post when I talked about the slightly sleazy vibe I got from Laredo? Well it seems I just slipped "under the wire" as it were before some pretty sticky stuff hit the fan in the sheriff's office. IE: all hell broke lose. Drugs, gangs, guns, assassinations, and lawlessness seem to be the flavor of the day on the spicy side of the line in Nuevo Laredo since last tuesday. I guess it's not so easy to keep the peace when there's so much drug money at stake or in your pocket. The new police chief was assassinated hours after accepting his former job. High turnover. Apparently the army are now patrolling the streets and tons of cops are in jail. Grim. And to cap it all off the US dept. of whatever is advising everyone to stay away from the bordertown, of course, because- they had nothing to do with it. All I can say is I really hope they catch these guys. Anyway, enough glibness. "El Norte" seems to have it's problems right now and as Yoda would say, "deep seated, they are..." Geez, what a crappy post! If you want the real goods- google it, read up from the news that's been fitted to print, briefly raise your eyebrows and say "woah" to yourself and then check out what's happening to MJ, like we all do. Uh, bye.